Starting Today You Don't have to Live in Pain, That is the belief of The Pain Free Clinic™.

The key to the body's physical health is motion.

From the earliest stages of childhood development, crawling to walking to running motion not only developed us but maintains and rejuvenates us. Every human being has a similar musclo-skeletal design. This design is neither complicated or fragile. We humans are designed to run, jump, climb, dance, fall, and move through our physical world without fear of pain or limitation.

When the human body is deprived of motion or when the body is restricted, our bodies become Posturally dysfunctional. This leads to restrictions of activities and/or the presence of pain.

As structural or Postural muscles become dysfunctional, the whole skeletal system is affected. The skeleton is then subjected to stress and abnormal wear. The hip girdle changes it's tilt, the back changes it's curve and the whole body begins to compensate for the misalignment.

The Egoscue Method® is a process that involves a series of specifically designed stretches and e-cises (exercises) designed for each client. This process strengthens specific muscles, brings the body back to it's proper alignment, and helps the body to function the way it was designed, Pain Free and moving with ease.

The Method is simple, but the results are remarkable. It is a unique and very effective program designed to treat musculo-skeletal pain without drugs,without surgery, and without manipulation.

This world renown program has helped thousands of people including Golf Legend Jack Nicklaus, NFL stars John Lynch, Junior Seau, Mark Brunelle and Peak Performance coach Anthony Robbins. However, the Egoscue Method® specializes in helping people of all ages with all kinds of physical problems.

Each day the Egoscue Method® helps hundreds of people free themselves of Chronic Physical Pain such as carpal tunnel, TMJ, back, knee, hip and shoulder pain as well as a myriad of other modern day aliments.

The Egoscue Method® identifies not just the symptoms, but the actual Cause of any musculo-skeletal pain, and corrects the dysfunction that is the real source of the problem. Regaining the ability to enjoy an active, pain-free lifestyle is the primary goal of the Egoscue Method® and The Pain Free Clinic.

Our Vision: To Create Pain Free Healthy Communities

Our Mission

To help people Enjoy an Active Pain Free Lifestyle.. without Limitations.

Return people back to doing what they love.

To build Inner and Outer Strength and Functionality

To Empower people to live the quality of life they deserve.

What is the next step?
Let us help return your body to it's proper design-- The PAIN FREE design we all share.
The proper function, balance, healing, and freedom from pain are all inherent qualities of the human body which can be restored.

Make a decision to take back your health today, Get started and move closer to a Pain Free Life.

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